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Financial Assistance for Medical Treatment - Ex Servicemen

(a) All Ex Servicemen suffering from serious diseases are given financial assistance for treatment in civil hospitals in case they cannot be treated in Military Hospitals and have not availed similar assistance from other sources. These are :

(i) By pass surgery                                                                            90% and 75% of the authorised expenditure in                                                                                                                  case of JCOs/ORs and Officers respectively.
(ii) Angiography                                                                                 -do-
(iii) Kidney/Renal transplant                                                             
(iv) Cancer/spastic Paraplegic                                                         -do- (restricted to Rs. 75,000/- per annum)
(v) Coronary Artery Surgery/Angioplasty                                       -do-
(vi) Open Heart Surgery/Valve replacement                                  -do-
(vii) Pace Maker implant                                                                   -do-
(viii) Stroke                                                                                         -do-
(ix) Arterial Surgery                                                                           -do-
(x) Prostate Surgery                                                                          -do-
(xi) Total Joint Replacement                                                            -do-
(xii) Dialysis                                                                                        -do-(restricted to Rs 75,000/- per annum)

(b) Procedure for Application.

Financial assistance for medical treatment for serious diseases mentioned in para (a) above to ex Servicemen and their dependents is available from the Kendriya Sainik Board. For this purpose the individual has to apply to the Secretary, KSB, West Block 4, R K Puram, New Delhi 110 066 through his Zila/Rajya Sainik Board with the following documents:

(i)Original cash receipts in support of medicines purchased for the treatment/operation duly countersigned by the hospital authorities.
(ii)Photocopy of Hospital's discharge slip/prescription slip.
(iii)If the case was referred by Military Hospital, a copy of the Military Hospital's letter referring the case to Civil Hospital.
(iv)The details of financial assistance, if any, received.
(v)If re employed, the details of Medical facilities being provided by the employer.
(vi)If also a civil pensioner, the details of the medical facilities being provided by the Civil authorities to their pensioners.
(vii)Photocopy of discharge book/ex Servicemen Identity Card/ and MBS of AGIF Card.

1. KSB has tied up with different specialised hospitals in the country for direct payment of 90 percent and 75 percent of the stipulated amount on account of treatment of JCOs/ORs & Officers respectively. For the purpose, letter issued by KSB is required to be sent by the ESM to the concerned Hospital.
2. Those ex-Servicemen who have been members of AGI/AFGI Medical Benefit Scheme and have already availed financial benefits from them are considered for financial assistance from Kendriya Sainik Board if they go in for subsequent treatment of serious disease and are not eligible for availing AGI/AFGI benefits for any further financial assistance.