ConfirmTkt launches ‘Alternates’; to solve Railway waitlist issue

ConfirmTkt.com, India's leading train PNR predictor, launched a new product ‘ConfirmTkt Alternates’ that helps waitlisted train passengers to get confirmed tickets by unlocking all the hidden and other best available travel options.

“Sometimes no quota can get you confirmed tickets for a train journey. So we have built algorithms. We call it as ConfirmTkt Alternates. We all use these techniques to get to our destination, but we end up wasting a lot of time. Our new feature solves that problem,” said Mr Sripad Vaidya Co-founder & COO of ConfirmTkt.

If no direct tickets are available then ConfirmTkt Alternates looks for vacant seats by exploring un-used quota of seats on the same train from other stations. When all quotas of seats are occupied on a train then it looks for vacant seats on other trains on the route and suggests alternate options of booking tickets on two different trains, or a combination of train and bus to reach the destination.

Additionally, this smart feature also takes into consideration the delay in the train arrivals and departures while suggesting these alternates.

For example if one want to travel from Bengaluru to Kolkata. If no direct tickets are available, then ConfirmTkt Alternates finds vacant seats from other stations on the same route. If no vacant seats are available, then it looks for other trains on the same route and suggests to book a train from Bengaluru to Vishakapatnam and change train at Vishakapatnam to reach Kolkata/ or take a bus instead to reach Kolkata.

“ConfirmTkt Alternates is a simple solution for the complex problem which eliminates the need of agents/ touts who charge hefty fees from passengers to book confirmed tickets. Whereas, the ConfirmTkt App does it Free of cost,” Sripad added.

ConfirmTkt Alternates offers four option for a long distance traveler: ‘Train + Train’- which will show train combination with layover time, ‘Train + Bus’- which will show train and bus combination, ‘Bus’- which will show direct bus option to desired destination and ‘Bus + Bus’- It will get user to certain point from the traveler would have to change the bus to reach the destination.

“ConfirmTkt re-defines travel planning with its advanced algorithms which analyze tons of data and display highly beneficial information at your fingertips”, said Mr Dinesh Kumar Kotha, Co-founder & CEO of ConfirmTkt.

Finding best and comfortable option to travel is never easy but ConfirmTkt does it with ease.  Using advanced machine learning algorithms, ConfirmTkt figures out personalized travel options for every user.

“ConfirmTkt is first of its kind product which helps users to effortlessly discover confirmed tickets for their journey. It has a potential to impact millions of travellers and change the way they travel,” said Pranav Chimulkar, VP of Business & Growth at ConfirmTkt.

“In a country where Railway is the most used travelling source, not one and everyone can get confirmed ticket. So as per our stats 41% of people remain in waitlist. Out of which 16.4% eventually end up being on that waiting list only,” Pranav added.

ConfirmTkt is available as mobile app on Android as well as Apple iOS.

Sourse :zeenews.india.com

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